Matt McBride
Lead Consultant
Matt has 14 years of security and tactical experience in both government and private sectors centered on executive protection, communications, and logistics operations.  Within that time, he has been utilized for the development and setup of telephony infrastructure, network and Wi-Fi infrastructure, radio and shortwave communications, as well as satellite communications.  Matt has developed systems and processes to further businesses in many different fields including: law enforcement, retail, agriculture, shipping, small businesses and start-ups.  He has employed his knowledge of training troops, law enforcement, and small business personnel to not only enhance his own success, but also effect positive transformation of other small businesses.  Matt is adaptable to any system and guides businesses to efficient and economical modifications to current procedures, to increase profits while saving time.   He is mindful of different industry conditions and situations and adjusts his perspectives accordingly.
Anna McBride
Lead Consultant
Anna has 15 years of experience in the private financial sector of which she spent 5 years as a Vice President of a financial institution.  She has developed both operational processes and training programs as well as implemented progressive marketing strategies to achieve both personal and professional success.  In her professional tenure, she was instrumental in the development and introduction of financial institution security processes and procedures as well as worked alongside the treasury department to help thwart counterfeit currency and fraudulent activity.  She has a superior understanding of financial institution rules and regulations, is an expert in the field of FDIC deposit insurance, and has helped numerous clients transfer their wealth effectively.   Her outstanding customer service perspective supports growth and customer retention, while keeping business objectives in line.

About Periscope Perspectives

At Periscope Perspectives we believe that small businesses are the key to local economic growth and also help to foster community development.  We strive to offer superior, completely customized solutions to our clients.  We help small businesses including farms, churches, retail, private, and government sectors operate at their peak efficiency.

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